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March 2nd, 2009

The Carphone Warehouse launches exclusive ‘Trade-In Calculator’ service

New service available for the first time at over 800 stores across the UK

The Carphone Warehouse is today announcing the launch of its exclusive ‘Trade-In Calculator’ service which allows customers to exchange their old mobile phones for cash when either upgrading to a new handset, buying a new pay as you go handset, or taking out a new contract. 

For the first time, customers will be able to instantly find out the true value of their old phone and receive cash in-store at one of over 800 stores nationwide.  The model of the old mobile is simply inputted into the ‘Trade-In Calculator’ operated by sales advisors, which instantly generates an exchangeable figure of up to £200, dependent on the model of the phone.  This amount can then be directly redeemed by customers, or set off against the cost of the upgraded handset and contract. The service is also available online at

Being the first major high street retailer to offer such a scheme, The Carphone Warehouse can reveal that two million people in the UK are due an upgrade, but are yet to take full advantage of receiving a new phone.  Consequently, an astonishing £10,000,000 of potential cash is going unclaimed by customers – money that could make a noticeable difference to the bank balance amidst the current financial climate. 

Utilising the ‘Trade-In Calculator’ takes the guesswork out of revealing how much an old handset could be worth.  The service works by checking the value of every handset to make sure customers get as much as possible for their old phone.  For instance, a high-end handset such as the Nokia Arte would equate to a huge £200 cashback, while more popular handsets from last year such as the Nokia N95 or Sony Ericsson K850i would still generate customers a valuable £115 and £45 respectively. 

Andrew Harrison, UK CEO at The Carphone Warehouse said; “Customers are increasingly looking for the best deal when upgrading their mobile phone contract. It’s easy to forget the value of your old phone and many end up in drawers gathering dust. Our ‘Trade-In Calculator’ takes the guesswork out of the true value of your old mobile and gives an instant cash ‘thank you’ to loyal and new customers.”


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Notes to Editors

· The Carphone Warehouse is the largest independent mobile phone retailer in the UK, with over 820 stores nationwide
· Stockist details: or visit in store
· Value of handsets as of March 09:
· Nokia N95 £115
· Nokia 6300 £36
· Samsung U600 £24
· Sony Ericsson K810i £31
· Nokia N73 £56